You may have at some point heard flotation tanks referred to as sensory deprivation tanks, and now you'll know why. When John C. Lilly designed his tank, his goal was to examine the origins of consciousness by cutting the brain off from all stimuli. Consciousness, he found during these 1954 studies, doesn’t depend on this external information to remain lively. His studies eventually shed light on the many benefits that flotation had on his test subjects and a new wellness industry was born.

How does it work?

Pure Magic.... and a dash of salt.

Flotation therapy consists of a small Epsom salt pool or tank in a sound and lightproof room, the air and water temperatures are set around 90 degrees. This allows the floater to cancel out all outside stimuli including the sensation of ones own body. Once a floater is in the tank this powerful combination allows for pure freedom of mind for either meditation or advanced learning purposes. Each of our custom float rooms are loaded with Led lights, projectors, and an voice activated controls so you can customize every float experience with just the sound of your voice! 

How do I float?

While our staff of experts will be on hand to walk you through the process on site, it is still best you come prepared. Here's a list of what you'll need. 

1. an open mind

2. shower shoes

Here at Full Moon Float Co., our custom designed float rooms come with everything else you will need. 

Okay jokes aside, here's what the process is like. One of our experts will show you to your private float room & explain all neccisary instructions. After this, you will be REQUIRED to shower BEFORE the float. This is in order to wash off all potential contaminates. We also ask that you not float with freshly dyed hair. Please make sure that you’ve had 6 or 7 good washes or that the color is no longer bleeding by the time you enter the tank. This is as much about your hair as it is keeping the tanks colorless. So please be mindfull! Then simply insert your complementary earplugs and float away!