Clean, relaxing facility, well-designed and built float rooms, and great customer service. An excellent experience. —-Steve Shipp

I highly recommend this place. not only do my muscles feel great after floating. I feel mentally and emotionally rejuvenated. —-Krista Stephenson

"The sensory deprivation chamber has been the most important tool that I've ever used for developing my mind, for thinking, for evolving.

The tank is filled with water the water is heated to the same tempersture as your body and theres eight hundred pounds of salt in the water, so you just float there and relax, and because  the water is the same temperature as your body you dont really feel it after a while

— Joe Rogan


Just had my first sensory deprivation experience and aside from the meditative effects, I experienced noticeable improvement in my after workout leg pain. Many benefits were obvious to me and Austin was extremely informative about the experience. This was also affordably priced for the benefits received. ——Lauren January

I went in for my first flotation therapy session today and it was amazing! I was impressed with the relaxing atmosphere and top notch facility. Art work covered the walls and the lighting was perfect. The best part was experiencing the flotation session. It was serene and soothing. I highly recommend flotation therapy at Full Moon Float Co to anyone wanting to unplug and treat themselves to a new relaxing experience. ——Chris Gonzales

I would definitely recommend this place. Full Moon offers a very unique, therapeutic, and relaxing experience. This is an excellent way to take a time-out and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit! ——-Kelly McEntire Smith LE


Full Moon Float is amazing! I am so excited to add the floats to my recovery regimen. The owner is super kind and the facility is super clean and the art is beautiful. I highly recommend. I hold a lot of inflammation in my body and the float has definitely helped with inflammation. Go check it out. ——-Kimberly Speckert Damm

Finally got a chance to float, and it was everything I'd heard! Total relaxation and rejuvenation! I highly recommend it! ——Jan Prewett


Relax and Float Away